kickstarterThank You,
Kickstarter Backers

We would be on the nut,
behind the eight ball, and
down on our uppers without you.

Jessica Aguirre
Susan Anders
Ken Anderson
Mylene Arza
Anastasia Basche
Stephen Benjamin
Patrick Bennett
Steven Best
Susan Claassen
Gerald Cole
Marianne Cotter
Roger Cucci
Beth Dellaccio
Rob Dunlap
Elyse Eisenberg
Stefanie Epstein
Kaila Giovanniello
Lisa Gold
Al Gray
Lorri Gumanow
Linda Walsh Jenkins
Stephanie Kagel
John Knight
Patrick Kuhn

Anna Marie Landolfo
Andrew Levine
Brian Linde
Bruce Linde
Lauren Linde
John Luis
Edward McGivern
Sharron Miles
Maggie Miller
Eric Minsk
Nimat Muhammad
Marc Pariser
William Prestwidge
Vivienne Radkoff
Suzanne Roth
Suzanne Solomon
Barry Sprague
Pam Stack
Rick Suvalle
Eddie Vega
Jodynne Wood
Julia Wyson
Jason Yamashita
Rich Zabel

Extra Special Thanks to

Janine Nina Trevens
and the gang at TADA! Youth Theater
for making it all possible

Maria Gobetti
and the gang at The Victory Theatre

Marty Smith
and the gang at Westside Ballet

Lauren Linde
for our very first rehearsal space and
for matchless support when we needed it

Jessica Aguirre
for going above and beyond the
call of duty in every way

Susan Schader
for donating your brilliant work

The Amazing Artists and Technicians
who worked for far below your usual rates

Suzanne Solomon, Jill Edmondson,
Maggie Miller, Pam Stack,
Jungle Red Writers, All Mystery Newsletter,
Noir Nation, Sisters in Crime, and
all our tweeters and posters everywhere

We cannot thank you enough!

The Weekly Rumble

Special thanks
to our Kickstarter backers!

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