Gonna Be GreatSamantha, Ensemble

Private I (reprise)Samantha

Slingin’ the SlangSamantha, Ensemble

The StoryVeronica Venus, Chorus Girls, Crooks

Shaughnessy, Brady, Kenneally, O’Hurly and TuckCops

Get a Clue/Wedge MusicSamantha, Angel

Heart’s DesireGreenstreet, M

The Red HerringVeronica Venus, Chorus Girls


Demo Credits

Samantha Spade, Ace Detective

Book & Lyrics by Lisa Diana Shapiro

Music by Georgia Stitt



Samantha – Mary Claire Miskell

Veronica Venus (Jen) – Alex Getlin

Angel (Trish) – Kendyl Ito

Greenstreet (Syd) – Sean Potter

M (Pete) – Tony Clements

Cops, Crooks, Chorus Girls (Campers)

Bettina Bresnan, Jamal Douglas, Kerri George,

Billy Goldstein, Kelsey Lake, Adam Levy, Toren Nakamura

Music Director – Georgia Stitt

The Band

Piano – Georgia Stitt

Bass – Randy Landau

Drums – Michael Croiter

Recorded by Michael Croiter and Matthias Winter

Mixed by Michael Croiter at Yellow Sound Lab Studio

Stage Manager – Sean Potter


Special Thanks To

Michael Croiter

and Yellow Sound Lab Studio


Extra Special Thanks To

Pace University

Amy Rogers Schwartzreich and Ryan Scott Oliver

The Weekly Rumble

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to our Kickstarter backers!

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